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Dear Reader,

The first issue of the Ličnostʹ i kulʹtura (Personality and Culture, LiC) Journal was published in February 1999. But its concept had been nurtured much earlier.
Since the April of 1989, the core group of scientific researchers and practical specialists formed the body of the future R & D co-operative association ZAO “Humanitarny Fund” (Humanitarian Fund ltd.)
In 1995, the LiC editor – ZAO “Humanitarny Fund” – developed the "Theory of Development of Russia until 2015-2020" and the Diagram of the Development of Russia until 2015 (DDR), which reflected the beginning of economic growth in Russia in the decade from 1996 to 2015.
All the estimates done and projections made on the basis of DDR fully confirmed, including GDP growth.
In 1996, the researchers and specialists of Humanitarian Fund created the theory of the Removal, which has identified new resources and the effectiveness of intelligence centers of destructive motives in connection with the extroverted and introverted balance of properties of consciousness and the role of creative thinking.
In 1998 the theory of integral system was created, that will allow the logical-mathematical way to establish that 50% of economic benefit society (incl. GDP) is provided by the norms and values in society, 30% - the stereotypes of ethics and only 20% - pragmatic intelligence (rational thinking). In the first a quantitative assessment of the impact of intangible factors (culture) in the material (GDP). On the basis of these data the editor, Humanitarian Fund, created Cultural Studies Economics.
All these research resulted in the creation of the idea of a Journal aimed to reflect the inter-disciplinary study of the cultural, social and biological influence on the economy’ development.
The innovative economic growth is founded on the creativity of persons involved in business-processes. The Personality as an actor and the Culture as an environment – are the core two subjects of our research and of the published materials of our Journal.



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